Live the Life of a Warrior

Inspired By Erin Hunter


You're padding along a wooden fence. You're alone, you have

no where to go. You have two choices. You could leap over the fence, find a nice twoleg to live with, and spend the rest of your moons laying by a warm fire and eating the rabbit pellets twolegs give you. Or you could go into the forest and find one of those "wild-cats" everyone has been talking about. Curiosity wins over and you decide to go into the forest. You pad along the forest floor. The leaves crunch under your paws. The sound of birds and other creatures fill your ears. It's all so beautiful, you think to yourself.


After hours of wandering the forest, you hear cats meowing. You follow the sounds and you finally emerge through the brambles. Your eyes widen with surprise. Hundreds of eyes stare at you. You smile with delight. You've found the Forest Cats.

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Administrator: Mosspelt

Moderators:  Spirit; Maxride; Innice


Welcome to LLW! Choose & Follow the path of a warrior. Train and hunt for your clan or choose the path of a medicine cat and heal cats, get visions from Starclan. Choose whatever path you want, no matter what your decision is, its your choice, its your life, The life of a clan cat!



The wonderful staff of LLW!


Fawn is the Founder & Owner of LLW. Her character, Fawndapple is the medicine cat of Leafclan. She is a smooth elegant and sleek furred light brown she-kit with ice blue eyes and a white underbelly and paws. She is very sweet, caring, kind, supportive and loving. She loves her clan and would do anything for it.   

 About Fawn:




Thymie is the co-owner of LLW. Her character, Thymepaw is a brown and white tom-cat with bright green eyes. He is the reincarnation of Thymepelt, and he has a special bond with Fawndapple. He is Medicine Cat Apprentice of Leafclan.

 About Thymie:

Hey! I'm Thymie. I'm the co-owner here at LLW! I've been around here since the start, so feel free to ask me anything, I don't bite! I hope I get a chance to talk and roleplay with you all. c:



Mosspelt is the administrator of LLW. Her character, Mosspelt, is a black she-cat with a light brown tipped tail and bright green eyes. She is a warrior of Leafclan. She can be odd at times, but is very friendly.

 About Moss:



Maxride is a moderator on LLW. Her main character, Forestpaw, is a dark brown tom with green eyes. He's an apprentice of Leafclan. He is funny and very popular, but can sometimes be arrogant.

 About Maxey:



   Spirit is a moderator of LLW. Her character, Spirit, is a white she-cat with grey splotches. Her eyes are a light green color. Spirit is in Sangre's Army, and has four kits. She is also Sangre's mate.

 About Spirit:




 Innice is a moderator here on LLW. Her main character is Badgerstar, leader of Fireclan. Badgerstar is a large gray tom. He looks like a badger in every aspect. A white stripe runs from his nose, along his long, sleek fur and down to the end of his tail. His nose is black, just as the tips of his paws, and ears. His claws are black, and just as thick, and can do just as much, if not, more damage than a badger's own. But the most odd thing about him is this eyes. They're beady and black, and never show emotion, not sadness, nor fear.

 About Innice:




LeafClan- The cats of LeafClan live in the forest, surrounded by trees, brambles and shrubs. They hunt mice, birds, shrews, voles, squirrels and occasionally rabbit. They are peaceful, calm, collective and wise. In battle, they are fierce, brave, courageous and strong.


NightClan- The cats of NightClan live in the forest surrounded by pine trees. On the other side of their territory is a swamp. They hunt toads, frogs, mice, rats, snakes, and sometimes squirrel. They are battle hungry, fierce, bitter, ambitious, aggressive and will do anything to gain territory


FireClan- The cats of FireClan live on the open moors, surrounded by rocks. They hunt rabbits. They are fiery, compassionate, swift and fearless.


StreamClan- The cats of StreamClan live in the wetlands, surrounded by streams and rivers. They hunt fish, shrews, water voles & mice. They are well fed, sleek, joyful and beautiful.

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Warrior Cats Virtual World is a roleplay site based off the best-selling Warriors series, written by Erin Hunter. Here, writing enthusiasts and Warriors fans of all ages can enjoy a relaxing roleplay on the website we call home. Along with the helpful and friendly staff, we offer a safe and enhancing environment in which all members can strive to reach their fullest potential.

 You peer around in the dark forest you are exploring. The wind blows the trees lofty branches, a flurry of scarlet, gold and brown leaves falls to the damp ground. You here a twig snap, you whip around and see two cats pacing towards you, a sleek black female with wide green eyes and a large gray male with a battle scarred face. They are whispering. The fur on your neck begins to rise."Calm yourself loner, we come in peace." The big gray male mewed slowly in a gravely voice. "Do you think it's the one?" The female whispered. "I know it is,"says the male. "Come join our circle of clans. Which do you choose? Forestclan, clan of the brave, Darkclan, clan of the cunning, Lightclan, clan of the swift, Waterclan, clan of the sleek or Skyclan, the clan of the proud. Which do you choose?

Hazelstar Warriors is an amazing roleplay site. They have a friendly staff, and a friendly community.

You look around. All is silent. You are limping, your ankle twisted. You try to be silent, but your heavy boots make an uneven echo. The silence is deafening. Soon though, you hear a sound much, much worse then silence. Moaning, and scraping. You look behind you and about 10 of them are behind you. You can't help it, you scream, and try to run but your bad ankle doesn't help you.Soon, any zombies in the area are upon you. You are close to being bitten, when a gun shot goes off. Several more, and 5 or so zombies are down. You here running, and then metal against bone. You see two kids, about 15 or so, cutting off the zombies heads. Soon, any zombies close to you are dead.

"Move" One of the teens say, and you do. You see the other one drench the pile in fluid, and soon the pile is up in flames.

"Be careful..." One of them grunts, and then they disappear, leaving you with a backpack filled with a bit of food, a gun and some ammo and some knives. So, can you survive, or will you become....a zombie?